I offer fun, interactive, educational, and engaging playshops (workshops) on many topics. Playshops can include live demos, depending on the space. Playshops can also be held online.


  • Sexual liberation

  • Role play

  • Confidence at a play party (how to feel comfortable and confident in the space)

  • Consent - owning our yes and no

  • Fisting

  • The art of dirty talk

  • Bringing playfulness into sex

  • Overcoming shame

  • Embodied sexual healing

  • Overcoming sexual trauma

  • How to flirt like a pro

  • Sexellence

  • How to be a great lover to a non-binary or trans person

  • Best techniques for strap-on blow jobs

  • Best techniques for strap-on sex

  • How to pleasure non-binary and trans front holes

  • How to give a blow job to trans cock

  • How to go down on non-binary pussycock

  • Sex and drugs

  • Pleasuring the pussy

  • Dicks for days

  • The art of teasing

  • The art of seduction

  • Tips and tricks for safer Sex and making that hot

  • How to host your own play party

  • Gender, race, class and kink

  • Tools for creative scenes, and more!