Poly Excellent Coaching for individuals, multiple partners, and groups. I support you in your own personal process and interpersonal process with your partner(s), lover(s) and other people you relate with. I am here to listen to you, offer guidance, and help you understand what you want. Coaching is a space of unconditional care in which you can truly be yourself.

I love to work with people over time. Poly Excellence doesn’t happen overnight! While I do offer one-time coaching sessions, I primarily work with people in an on-going basis.

In addition to coaching, I facilitate rituals for poly love ceremonies and poly break ups.

Work with me

Sessions are available in-person, phone and video. When we work together on an on-going basis, you get my private phone number. As things arise, you will have access to me in real time. When you want a session you can text me, and we’ll arrange a time in the next few days. All sessions are 1 hour.

$120 for a one time session

$420/month: up to 4 sessions per month

$220/month: up to 2 sessions per month

6 month package, up to 24 sessions: $2,420

1 year of unlimited sessions: $15,000

*Low income sessions are available for people who are systemically marginalized. Please contact me to inquire.